June 16, 2012


Well, after a 9 month period of ups and downs and stress and frustration, my husband has landed an amazing job in the Boston area.  He starts in just over a week.  Which means a move is in line for us this summer.

When delivering the info to our two high schoolers (they had an inkling this was coming), they both had their concerns and wishes for the area.  Our son wants to keep pole vaulting and our daughter wants to keep riding.  I told them not to worry - I wanted to keep knitting and had already googled knitting stores in the area.  That at least made them laugh for the moment.

Lots to do in a little time...tears of joy, tears of sadness all around.  This space might be quiet but I'll post as I can.  I AM knitting - I cast on the Perry cardigan with some Cascade 220.  I'm also designing another baby sweater - a boy's vest.  I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I'll take all good thoughts (outside of Boston knitting store recommendations!).

June 5, 2012

My First Sale

I put a pattern up for sale on Ravelry on Sunday and last night I got an email that I sold my first one!  Can I tell you how excited I was?  I've wanted to do this for ages but have been filled with self-doubt that anyone would want what I think is pretty or functional.

The pattern is called Bamboo Shoots Blanket...it is lacy and lovely and perfectly soft and wonderful to wrap up a cherished baby.  You can link directly to it on my sidebar.

Now my brain is brimming with my next pattern idea...this is so fun!
Close up detail

Larger view

Crisp and clean when folded up

June 3, 2012

A Little Inspiration

A while back I knit a Camilla Babe Sweater - I love it and I had leftover yarn.  Friday evening with nothing on my needles I wondered if I could make a hat to go with it.  A little inspiration, a little research, a little math and Ta-Da!  Presenting my newest pattern which is for free...I called it Fanfare based on the Fan pattern.

I envision this cute hat being worn with the fan detail on the side.  I wish I had a baby to model it for me...hmmm I'll have to see who I can find.