July 15, 2014

Buttonholes Mean Buttons!

The latest issue of Knit 123 (Issue 12) is out and the patterns are on Ravelry - this was the first time I saw the photos of them being modeled.  It always is so exciting.

The article I wrote focuses on buttonholes and different ways to make them - of course, instead of getting excited about the buttonholes and patterns I was more excited about going button shopping.   Better yet, when the publisher got the finished items her first reaction was "great buttons" - she too has a thing for buttons.

Here is the Beginner project with yarn over buttonholes and then a 2 row buttonhole for the thumb:

Then the novice wrist warmers have a thumb gusset and two row buttonholes:

Lastly, I splurged on lovely wooden buttons for the intermediate project which has a thumb gusset and uses a one row buttonhole:

I love doing these articles - they challenge my brain to think on 3 levels of knitting ability.  Also, I sometimes get to go shopping for buttons!

July 1, 2014

Keeping with the Theme

I had several balls of Classic Elite Yarns Bella Lino and they were haunting me to be used in a design.  I swatched, I swatched again, I swatched on and on and on...then I had a lightbulb moment with a stitch pattern and I found something that made the fiber sing.  It almost looks like a lovely Missoni fabric.

Presenting (and keeping in the Just One More theme) Just One More Scarf.  It uses just 2 balls of Bella Lino (I was trying to keep this an affordable knit) and blocks so beautifully with lovely points at the chevrons.

I am in love with this scarf!