March 11, 2012

Odds and Ends

Thank you for your kind wishes for my husband and his job search - we're muddling along and trying to be positive.

I finally finished the last capelet and realized I had lots of odds and ends of yarn.  Paula from The Knitting Pipeline podcast told us about a blanket she made using odds and ends and it inspired me to cast on one of my own.  The pattern is called Ten Stitch Twist.  It took one short rip out after the first circle was completed to get the desired effect as Paula had referred to her method of "joining" which creates a lovely slip stitch detail (carefully noted in her project page).  I also adopted her edge method which is fantastic and creates a great edge for picking up stitches.

Here's how it looks after a few days work - it kind of is like potato chip knitting - you want to see how the next color/section is going to look.  This yarn is heavy worsted so it is knitting up very quickly!

March 9, 2012

Doors and Windows

I'm still knitting my last capelet and I've cast on for a blanket which I'll tell you about in my next post.  I am using leftover yarn from all the capelets and other stuff in my stash.  I'm subbing today and am hoping to almost finish the last capelet.

On the job front, my husband flew to North Carolina for a series of interviews on Tuesday.  Two other people were up for the job.  Sadly, he was told one of the other guys was a "better fit".  While he and I are very frustrated and disappointed, our kids I think sighed a little sigh of relief.  Such a move would have been a doozy for them.

The saying goes that when a door is closed, God opens a window somewhere.  Can anyone tell me where that window is because we really need to find it.

March 4, 2012


I just realized I haven't blogged in weeks and now it is March already.  Yes, I'm knitting - I promised I'd never knit another Corrugated Lace Capelet again and here I am knitting 4 more for my dentist's staff (being paid of course).  I've finished 2 and am almost done with one more.  No photos as they are the same colors as the last batch.

I've been working a lot - I did a week teaching 7th grade math which almost broke me.  What happens to kids from 6th to 7th grade that makes them SO obnoxious?  I know...hormones.  If my kids acted this way, I'll throttle them.  The funny story of the week was our son was driving me home (learners permit has hit the house) and I was telling him about these monsters.  He turned to me and calmly said "you know mom, it's 5 o'clock somewhere" - I loved it but reminded him that 2:30 in the afternoon was pushing it.

My husband has a big interview on Tuesday - please send all good thoughts.  The job market has been deathly quiet and we have so much hope hanging on this. I find myself praying a lot for this one...I can't say more about it but it would be life changing for us all.

Sorry for the lapse in updates, photos, knitting content...I'll work on it.