March 9, 2012

Doors and Windows

I'm still knitting my last capelet and I've cast on for a blanket which I'll tell you about in my next post.  I am using leftover yarn from all the capelets and other stuff in my stash.  I'm subbing today and am hoping to almost finish the last capelet.

On the job front, my husband flew to North Carolina for a series of interviews on Tuesday.  Two other people were up for the job.  Sadly, he was told one of the other guys was a "better fit".  While he and I are very frustrated and disappointed, our kids I think sighed a little sigh of relief.  Such a move would have been a doozy for them.

The saying goes that when a door is closed, God opens a window somewhere.  Can anyone tell me where that window is because we really need to find it.


Geri said...

I'll keep praying that window will open soon.

ML said...


Manifesting for you every moment of every day.

Rose said...

So sorry about the interview, I know how disappointing and hard it is to go through that. Hang in there.