January 22, 2014

Two Steps Forward

I have been working on my Rocky Coast Cardigan and had a two steps forward, one step back experience.  I finished the body of the sweater and when I took it to knitting group I tried it on for the first time and found it was MUCH TOO SMALL.  I had made some modifications based on everything I read on Ravelry.  Then when I went to separate the sleeves I didn't have the full stitch count…I carried on thinking it wouldn't be a problem…well it was.  How stupid of me to think that 20 stitches wouldn't make a difference when that's 4" of the sweater!

So, I ripped it out to the underarms…I'm think I need to totally start over.  So, I've put it in a timeout and will look at it another day.

Sorry no photos - who wants to see a ripped out cardigan?

January 18, 2014

This Totally Made My Day

When I logged onto Facebook the other day, this post popped up on the Berroco Yarn Page.  It totally made my day!

In honor of National Hat Day, they featured my Hat In The Hat!  I was so excited!

January 11, 2014

The Hat In The Hat

While at my LYS the other day, the owner showed me a hat that was no longer available on Ravelry.  The store sample was knit very tightly and was a brain squeezer of a hat.  So, I took the hat home, deconstructed it, cast on at the same gauge and made a few modifications.  The result is what I am calling The Hat In The Hat.  The pattern isn't quite done yet as I need to work up a larger size and check yarn amounts but I wanted to share it with you all so you could see it.

It is warm (Berroco Ultra Alpaca), it is lined, and most important it is reversible!  I love this hat!

January 3, 2014

Toasty Warm

A few weeks ago I picked up a single skein of Classic Elite's Portland Tweed which has been discontinued but was in the 30% off bin at my LYS.  After consulting with Debbie, the owner, and another co-worker at the LYS, I knew I could whip up a pair of Toasty mitts with just one skein.

My mods included:

After casting on, I knit through back of each stitch on the first row. Worked for 6 inches. Then did thumb gusset as per napkinpoem’s notes.
12 rounds after I put aside thumb sts, I knit 1 row through the back loops; then 1 row purl; then cast off knit-wise. There is no rolling at the fingers - it worked!
Pick up 3 sts for thumb. Work 8 rounds, k 1 round through back of stitch, p 1 round, bind off knit wise.

I posted these mitts on FB in an album I have of 2013 knitting (as they were finished in 2013).  A friend (who is sadly in a similar situation as we are with unemployment hanging over their heads) said she loved them.  So I put them in an envelope and mailed them to her - I told her they were hugs for her hands and I figured she needed something to give her a smile.  Mission accomplished - she was so surprised and was smiling.

Here's how they looked before I mailed them off.  It's a great pattern and I highly recommend it as a quick satisfying knit.