January 22, 2014

Two Steps Forward

I have been working on my Rocky Coast Cardigan and had a two steps forward, one step back experience.  I finished the body of the sweater and when I took it to knitting group I tried it on for the first time and found it was MUCH TOO SMALL.  I had made some modifications based on everything I read on Ravelry.  Then when I went to separate the sleeves I didn't have the full stitch count…I carried on thinking it wouldn't be a problem…well it was.  How stupid of me to think that 20 stitches wouldn't make a difference when that's 4" of the sweater!

So, I ripped it out to the underarms…I'm think I need to totally start over.  So, I've put it in a timeout and will look at it another day.

Sorry no photos - who wants to see a ripped out cardigan?

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