January 3, 2014

Toasty Warm

A few weeks ago I picked up a single skein of Classic Elite's Portland Tweed which has been discontinued but was in the 30% off bin at my LYS.  After consulting with Debbie, the owner, and another co-worker at the LYS, I knew I could whip up a pair of Toasty mitts with just one skein.

My mods included:

After casting on, I knit through back of each stitch on the first row. Worked for 6 inches. Then did thumb gusset as per napkinpoem’s notes.
12 rounds after I put aside thumb sts, I knit 1 row through the back loops; then 1 row purl; then cast off knit-wise. There is no rolling at the fingers - it worked!
Pick up 3 sts for thumb. Work 8 rounds, k 1 round through back of stitch, p 1 round, bind off knit wise.

I posted these mitts on FB in an album I have of 2013 knitting (as they were finished in 2013).  A friend (who is sadly in a similar situation as we are with unemployment hanging over their heads) said she loved them.  So I put them in an envelope and mailed them to her - I told her they were hugs for her hands and I figured she needed something to give her a smile.  Mission accomplished - she was so surprised and was smiling.

Here's how they looked before I mailed them off.  It's a great pattern and I highly recommend it as a quick satisfying knit.

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Rose said...

How sweet of you! Best wishes for 2014!