December 30, 2015

South Dorset

While knitting up 5 or 6 Cranmores (I love this pattern and even kept one for myself!), I realized that a lined hat would be as wonderful as a lined headband.

So, I took some leftover Malabrigo Rios and a skein of Classic Elite MountainTop Chalet, and created a hat in three sizes.  I named it South Dorset for the small Vermont town where we spent many weekends when I was a child as my parents had a cabin there.

I love this hat - warm without being bulky and oh so soft on the inside.

I hope to have a year end wrap up tomorrow - lots to do today including covering at work for a sick co-worker and taking down the tree.

If I don't get there, Happy New Year!

December 20, 2015

A whole month!

I feel terrible - sometimes having a blog is a burden.  Coming up with something to write about isn't always easy.  I also must admit my knitting mojo is totally off - I have been knitting but I can't design right now and I just need mindless knits.

So what have I been knitting?  Hats and headbands mostly.  Cobblestone designs released this wonderful headband called Cranmore - I have made 5 or 6 easily over the past few weeks.  It is fun, mindless and the perfect little holiday gift - I have given away 4 as gifts.

The "model" was home for Thanksgiving so we got in a quick photo session.

What else have I been doing?  Every morning I walk through lovely conservation land.  Since I finally got in this century and got an iPhone (even my daughter who has had a phone since 8th grade noted that I finally had a better phone than she did), I have been photographing my walks.

Again, apologies for being radio silent - I will admit I am still grieving since the death of my uncle and it has affected lots of things - especially my knitting and blogging.