July 24, 2011

Hats In Haiti

As promised, I told you I'd let you know when the hats that you all contributed made it to Haiti. My friend Julie updated me today on FB and this is what she posted:

"Hey! I wanted to share one photo with you now of the hats that were given out. This little one was so sick and it made it a little tough to get a happy face :) but they were SO appreciated! A big thank you to all the ladies who worked so hard to make all the hats. We will be going back in October and will be taking more of them with us then and I will get some better photos for you."

July 16, 2011

Finally an FO to Show

I admit that I finished this in June but it took me until 2 days ago to get the buttons on it. This is Noisette which is a Berroco pattern and it was not an easy one to find as the pattern is covered by a wrap. I was flying on faith when knitting this because there wasn't a single photo of just the sweater only the HUGE wrap over the sweater.

I made it out of Cascade 220 I had in stash and reswizzled the pattern so the body was knit in once piece rather than seaming all that stuff. I really like this - a good workhorse go to sweater on a cold day.

The buttons were an adventure at Joanne Fabrics. The whole family was in the car going to nearby Walmart when I informed them I needed to pop into Joanne to bet some buttons. Well, #1 son said "No way" and Miss America was thrilled (I've mentioned her button obsession in the past). So, I was told by #1 Son and my DH that I had 10 minutes for my task. We ran into the store while the men waited in the car. I quickly found these stone buttons and got in line when my cell phone rang with my son informing me "tick tock, tick tock...you have 5 minutes left".

So I told Miss America to text him that I found some lovely fabric and I needed more time (actually, I was stuck in a line at the cash register but he didn't know that). The text back was "REALLY!!!???". We zipped out of the store to find the car pulled up to the curb with the engine running for a quick getaway...we had made it in and out in under 10 minutes WITH the perfect buttons in hand.

Moral of the story - no men on trips to buy buttons.

July 11, 2011

I'm So Lame

I know, I know...I haven't been blogging. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I found out the day before our vacation that our dog had bladder stones and needed to have them removed. It was a complicated affair as she had a staph infection related to MRSA and you can't kill the staph which causes the stones until you take them out. So vacation was deferred a bit and our VISA bill will walk through the door after that operation.

Good news is she's on the mend and the lesson learned is that if you have a dog don't take them to a nursing home and let them lie on the floor - one of the ways they can get staph is transdermally and that is how we think she got it from visiting my FIL.

On the other front, #1 Son is in New Orleans on a mission trip for our church. It is so strange to have him gone and so far away but it such a wonderful, learning and safe environment for him to grow and do some good. I've learned he's like most men and not overly loquacious on the phone.

On the knitting front - I finished my Noisette (pics yet to be taken) and I'm sewing on buttons. I started another Daybreak which is for my summer Stitch and Bitch group time (somewhat autopilot knitting). Next I'll swatch for my Harvest Moon.

I discovered a new podcast which I LOVE - A Playful Day (rav link for group) - it is lovely and I could listen to her delightful British accent and phrases all day.

Bear with me with my summer spotty posting...it is at times like this when I think I'm such a bad blogger that I really question why I keep blogging. I'll mull that over while I head to the beach.