July 11, 2011

I'm So Lame

I know, I know...I haven't been blogging. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I found out the day before our vacation that our dog had bladder stones and needed to have them removed. It was a complicated affair as she had a staph infection related to MRSA and you can't kill the staph which causes the stones until you take them out. So vacation was deferred a bit and our VISA bill will walk through the door after that operation.

Good news is she's on the mend and the lesson learned is that if you have a dog don't take them to a nursing home and let them lie on the floor - one of the ways they can get staph is transdermally and that is how we think she got it from visiting my FIL.

On the other front, #1 Son is in New Orleans on a mission trip for our church. It is so strange to have him gone and so far away but it such a wonderful, learning and safe environment for him to grow and do some good. I've learned he's like most men and not overly loquacious on the phone.

On the knitting front - I finished my Noisette (pics yet to be taken) and I'm sewing on buttons. I started another Daybreak which is for my summer Stitch and Bitch group time (somewhat autopilot knitting). Next I'll swatch for my Harvest Moon.

I discovered a new podcast which I LOVE - A Playful Day (rav link for group) - it is lovely and I could listen to her delightful British accent and phrases all day.

Bear with me with my summer spotty posting...it is at times like this when I think I'm such a bad blogger that I really question why I keep blogging. I'll mull that over while I head to the beach.


bmom said...

I hope your furry family member is feeling better.

Nothing wrong with sporadic blogging -- beats forced or no blogging in my mind!

Lynneb said...

Hi Estella! Welcome back! Thanks for the podcast review...going to check it out right now!