October 27, 2013

What Fun It Is To Teach

On Friday I had my first class at Iron Horse.  Five knitters (two from my local knitting group) had signed up for my Fleckle Mitt class.  I never expected I would have as much fun as I did and the two hours just flew by!

In the first 20 minutes I had taught two people how to knit using magic loop - they were fantastic.  One knitter had a hurt finger and it was affecting her gauge and knitting but she totally had the right plan of wanting to learn the stitch and technique and she didn't worry about how her knitting looked.  Loved her positive, learning attitude.

I had fun sharing my little tricks and tips and seeing the "aha" moment when I shared them.  I can't wait for next week's class!

Here's a photo of us in action - no faces to preserve privacy.  You will notice though my next design on the table - the Fleckle Hat.  More on that later.

October 19, 2013

Another Title

The other title I talked about in my post a few days ago was one I couldn't talk about until announcements had been made.

You've heard me talk about my talented friend, Kimberly.  Well, she got a new job!

Kimberly had been writing and designing for these publications for a while and she had a regular technique article in Knit 123.  When she was promoted she came to me and asked me if I'd be interested in taking this position - not a difficult decision by any means!

What it entails is writing about a technique for three different skill levels (Beginner, Novice and Intermediate) and incorporating that technique into three patterns (one for each level).  I am responsible for the article, the photos, videos for the website, and of course the patterns.

I've already submitted my first article which will come out in the March/April timeframe with issue 10.   When it hits newstands, I'll fill you in on what I did.  I just got my marching orders for Issue 11.  It is a wonderful challenge to scale my knitting ability for three levels of experience and to come up with new designs.  I'm knitting things I've never thought of knitting before.

Thank you, Kimberly!  I love my new title!

October 15, 2013

Gotta love a quick knit

I was reading Leslie's blog and she had whipped up some super bulky cowls.  I then found a skein of Peruvia Quick on sale and decided I needed to design my own cowl.  I love it!  It only took a few hours and it is warm and cozy.
I went back to see if there was more yarn on sale and stumbled upon Berroco Kodiak which is so soft.  So I whipped another one and my daughter claimed it immediately.  I must get more yarn...this is such a gratifying knit!

I thanked Leslie for her inspiration by gifting her the pattern...can't wait to see her FOs!

October 12, 2013

Another Winner

I love the look of this cowl - it is easy to knit up and goes wonderful with the Fleckle Mitts.  I used A Hundred Ravens Iachos in the Tardis and Fantasia color ways.  I'm so glad fall is here and cosy knits like this can be part of my day!

October 3, 2013

Reinventing myself

I remember my husband proudly noting how I have reinvented myself a few times...I remember looking at him quizzically when he said this.  Then it dawned on me that my career has had several iterations during my life.  I started as a secretary, became an advertising account executive then ended up as a marketing and media manager at IBM.  All that was BC -"Before Children".

I then took on the job title of mother...which at times was complimented with other titles.  I sold clothes for Doncaster, toys for Discovery Toys, and kitchen products for Pampered Chef.  Necessity for a job during a bout of  unemployment for my husband landed me the title of preschool teacher and      stationery store sales person.

Then I took on the role of substitute teacher which I have continued for 6 years and am currently doing in our new town.

Here's where the knitting comes in...all these previous paying jobs did not involve a passion for me.  They were what I did for money and to help keep us afloat when necessary.  However, I now have a new title, a new job, that involves something for which I have a passion.  Yes, I am now a knitting instructor.

My first class at Iron Horse in Natick is at the end of the month!  I am so excited!  I love how the owner of Iron Horse used some of my titles in the description: We welcome Estella Haines, wife, mother, local designer, knitter, and now instructor to Iron Horse

I have one more title to add to my list - I'll fill you in on that next time.