October 3, 2013

Reinventing myself

I remember my husband proudly noting how I have reinvented myself a few times...I remember looking at him quizzically when he said this.  Then it dawned on me that my career has had several iterations during my life.  I started as a secretary, became an advertising account executive then ended up as a marketing and media manager at IBM.  All that was BC -"Before Children".

I then took on the job title of mother...which at times was complimented with other titles.  I sold clothes for Doncaster, toys for Discovery Toys, and kitchen products for Pampered Chef.  Necessity for a job during a bout of  unemployment for my husband landed me the title of preschool teacher and      stationery store sales person.

Then I took on the role of substitute teacher which I have continued for 6 years and am currently doing in our new town.

Here's where the knitting comes in...all these previous paying jobs did not involve a passion for me.  They were what I did for money and to help keep us afloat when necessary.  However, I now have a new title, a new job, that involves something for which I have a passion.  Yes, I am now a knitting instructor.

My first class at Iron Horse in Natick is at the end of the month!  I am so excited!  I love how the owner of Iron Horse used some of my titles in the description: We welcome Estella Haines, wife, mother, local designer, knitter, and now instructor to Iron Horse

I have one more title to add to my list - I'll fill you in on that next time.


Patt said...

So wonderful for you!

Karen said...

You GO, you instructor YOU! That is awesome! I am so impressed!! I bet you're inspiration will reach far and wide!!