October 7, 2011

Dyeing not Dying

This past Wednesday I finally got to join knitting group not to knit but to dye yarn/wool. Michelle kindly hosted the group and I couldn't wait. I called my husband and told him I'd be "dyeing this morning" which over the phone could sound like "dying this morning". Of course, I clarifyed what I would really be doing. Funny thing is the emails after the dyeing event were titled dying which prompted Jennifer (who unfortunately was sick and missed the event) to send out dictionary definitions and spelling.

But I digress...here are some photos from the event. We started with colors - Michelle had an amazing array of dyes.

Here's my Cascade Ecological Wool soaking in vinegar and water - it's joined by some of Michelle's roving.

Lisa and I are working on getting two shades of the same blue - one just a bit darker. Unfortunately, all the agitating of the yarn over low heat ended up felting her yarn. Lesson learned the hard way. The colors, however, were amazing!

Here are some of the finished yarns. The divine purple one was done by Joan...she and I mixed together 4 or 5 dyes to come up with the colorway.

Here's my finished color...not what I intended but I'm happy with it. I just barely avoided felting the yarn so I'll wind it up and start something.

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Jennifer said...

That looks like so much fun! What are you going to make with your yarn? I'm so sorry to have missed it.