November 11, 2011

When In Doubt - Make More Stockings

When the October snowstorm hit, I had some knitting time but was at an impasse on some other projects. I rooted around in my knitting closet and found a bag with the materials to make mini Christmas stockings. So, I reacquainted myself with the pattern and cast on. Here's what I accomplished in a few days...I've decided for this year's unplanned frugal Christmas (usually I am frugal but this year we won't even be doing Christmas cards) I'm going to use them to decorate a wreath to give to my MIL for her December birthday. Not the most exciting gift but handmade and done with love...and affordable.

I won't have much knitting to show for a while...this injury to my wrist has really sidelined my knitting - I think I've done perhaps 4 rows on a lengthwise scarf in the past week. So frustrating for me as knitting is my peaceful salvation and I really need it right now more than ever.


Kristen said...

I am so sorry knitting is difficult for you right now, I know what you mean by peaceful salvation. Your little stockings are going to be a perfect gift.

Lynneb said...

Ouch! So sorry to hear that!

kathy b said...

Knitting is my peaceful salvation too!!! I had a wrist/arm injury and was out for 6 weeks or so. It was torture. I survived living vicariously through others blogs . I find cotton yarns immediately bring back pain for me....I have to watch it.

Your stockings are adorable . they make a great gift

Veste abercrombie said...

ok.trop cool et je reviendrai la prochaine fois.