May 31, 2012

Sidebar Activity

I know entirely too many people having babies right now - nothing wrong with babies but boy something is in water.  Funny but after Hurricane Irene and then again after the October snowstorm when people in our area lost power for a week each time, I told my husband "just wait - 9 months from now there will be a bunch of babies".

Babies are fun to knit for - fast easy, etc.  I also realized that when I look at patterns I too could design some.  So I did some research, found this cute butterfly stitch pattern and was in the sidebar you can see I published a new pattern called Farfalle Cardigan.  Farfalle in Italian means Butterfly.

I also got a bit wild while swatching and designed a new ribbing pattern which I really love.

The detail of the ribbing I designed.  

Butterfly (aka Farfalle) detail.

Ravelry was a huge help - I recruited some test knitters who made the pattern and gave me input.  You can see their versions here and here.  I published it last week and already have 58 favorites!  Do take a look at it - any input you might have would be greatly appreciated.

This has been quite a learning curve - even just getting it on the sidebar and having the link work and having it linked properly on Ravelry.  This is a free pattern - next learning is how to charge for a pattern.  I already have one lined up - a baby blanket.  Did I mention I know a bunch of people having babies??

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