October 21, 2012

I've Been Busy

A few weeks ago I saw a piece in the local paper about The Wayland Depot.  It's an old train station depot which sells local handcrafts.  They accept items for commission.  So I looked through my collection of handknits which had no home/recipient and went on Monday to see if they would accept my hand knits.

When I got there I only had 4-5 items including my Vardon Vest, a few shawlettes and one mini Christmas ornament.  When I wished aloud for a computer, one of the staff pulled out her husband's iPad and I taught them the glories of Ravelry.  When I showed them my Christmas Wreath, they fell in love with all my ornaments and asked for more.

So, I have been knitting up these mini-sweaters.  Next some stockings and more of the snowmen.  I don't expect to make lots of money doing this but it is fun to have a place for these to go.


Jennifer said...

Yeah! That sounds like a great event. I hope you have fun and success!

kathy b said...

GOod for yOU!!!!!!

Sell sell sell

I can't do those tiny sweaters and tiny pumpkins,,,,but i admire those who can!