November 6, 2012

10 on Tuesday - 10 Things on My Mind Right Now

When I first saw this theme I thought there can't be 10 things on my mind but then I got to thinking and there definitely are 10 (or more) things.

1.  My husband's family home in New Jersey - we still haven't seen the interior damage yet.  I'm fearful everything on the first floor is trashed and we'll have to put everything curbside.

2.  Our home in CT - it is still without power and I worry for the family that is renting it.  When Irene hit, we lost power for 10 days but it wasn't freezing out like it is now.  Tomorrow will be day 10 - I hope they are using the fireplace and keeping warm enough.  I'm also worried about the tree damage and how the property looks now

3. The election - enough said.

4. A job interview I went on - I'm still waiting to see if I made the next cut.  I made the first cut and gave them references the day after Hurricane Sandy.  God bless all the people I contacted who responded in spite of power outages, etc.  It's a great opportunity and I'll tell more about it when I hear one way or another.

5. My husband and his jaw pain - he has trigeminal neuralgia - look it up.  It sucks and he's in terrible pain right now.  He's had it for 15+ years and it comes and goes.  Sadly, he's in a really bad bout.

6. What to bring to knit in the car this weekend while driving to NJ to see the damage to our home.

7. Our dog's trip to the vet tomorrow - she has this cyst on her side which isn't going away.  I hate taking her to the vet as she is very protective of herself and sometimes we have to sedate her to get anything done.

8. Collecting items to take to NJ for those in need - I've started bags of canned goods, blankets, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.

9. Choir practice - my new friend here in MA has convinced me to sing in the choir for the Christmas season.  I haven't sung in a choir since I was a teenager.  I'm nervous, wondering what I was thinking, but a little excited too.

10. This pattern which I've put out to test knit...wondering what price I should put on it - any suggestions?

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kathy b said...


im praying for you and for your husbands jaw pain. You and another blogger are interviewing and waiting for responses. I pray you both get offers.

Your hat is lovely. dont know what you should charge, but anything over 6.99 puts me off....just sayin!