September 9, 2013

Already Thinking About Christmas

Back in April or May, my sister told me her husband had a knitting request.  He wanted me to knit a stocking for their youngest child.  It was a reasonable request as a dear friend of my mom had knit stockings for every grandchild in the family (9 stockings are a labor of love!) but was unable to knit the last 10th grandchild stocking due to health reasons.  So, I was honored to be asked and happy to do so. I purchased the Cascade 220 back in the annual Webs sale and it sat there.

Fast forward to an August visit with my sister and her family and my BIL asked how the stocking was coming along - well I told him I had the yarn and that's a step in the right direction.

I cast on for the stocking on 9/4 and it was done by 9/7.  I realized how much my mom's friend, Bird, loved her and all of her girls as they are a bit of a labor of love.  So, James will have his own stocking - not as beautiful as the ones Bird knit - but made with love.

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Eileen said...

Oh, how pretty! I'm certain James will be thrilled. I'm amazed you finished in such a short time. My projects, few as they are, tend to take a very long time to complete. Like months and sometimes years. :(

But Christmas...already? Say it isn't so.