December 16, 2013

Thank You

I have been blogging for a while now and I must admit there are days I ask "why bother?"  It is a good outlet for me and I do enjoy sharing what I've done/learned/observed.  However, sometimes I still think that I am talking to no one THEN I get a comment like this from  Eileen:

Thanks in part to your blog, I've taken up knitting after many years. I was in Micheals a month or so ago and came across some gorgeous teal wool on sale (my daughter's favorite color!) 

I found a pattern for a cowl and made it up for her, and like your daughter she loves it!

Just the other day I was in a store and saw something similar on sale (on sale!) for $30. I paid less than $10 for the yarn which made me feel even more thrilled.

Your daughter looks lovely! Thanks for sharing.

It was the opening line that got to me - my blog got someone back into knitting.  That is what blogging is about - sharing a passion.  Thank you, Eileen, for reminding me why I blog.  While I may not post on a consistent basis, I do try to write about things that share my passion for knitting.


Anonymous said...

been following your knitting, and the nj connection. please do not stop, love reading and hearing about daughter and knitting for gifts. thanks...olivia

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, I luv your blog! I have been reading since 10/2011. I am passionate knitter and while healing from a huge chest surgery,( not being able to knit for awhile)-I started reading more on my new b-day I-pad. I could not pick-up any heavy items for some time..
Your blog/writing and patterns were so warm and welcoming. I so enjoyed and still do. I have returned to my needles and I thank-you for your blog. Just thought you should know.