November 9, 2015

A whole month slipped away

Shortly after the previous post, I met up with my mother and sister at our uncle's home in NY state as his health was failing and his wife of 47 years needs round the clock care due to an aneurysm she had 11 years ago.  We were the dream team that weekend with my sister who is a nurse taking care of my aunt and uncle, my mom doing the cleaning and housekeeping and I was the cook.  It was a weekend of laughter and long walks and lots of tears in the evenings when my uncle and aunt were in bed very early.

A week or so later, the home healthcare ladies were indicating his health was deteriorating and I rushed to his home...I live the closest only 3 hours away and my uncle and aunt never had children.  I had the honor of holding his hand as he left this earth on October 15.  The subsequent days/weeks have been a whirlwind of getting organized, making decisions, etc.  We had a large celebration of life on October 24th with a full blown flag ceremony and taps as he attended Norwich University and served in the Army.

As I have slowly come up for air, my knitting mojo is totally out of whack.  I told someone in the past few weeks I have knit only a couple hundreds of stitches which I normally whack out in a day.  My heart is heavy which makes my hands heavy too.  I know this shall pass but for now I will hold my uncle in my heart and slowly regain my footing and happiness.  He was an amazing man.

Sorry to burden this blog with this information, but this is my happy place and since I've been unhappy I haven't been able to post.

Until next time when I can show you some knitting...I leave you with this photo taken from my uncle's back deck the day after he died.

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Susan said...

What a wonderful post - so glad you took the time and appreciated being with him. It's ok to be sad for a while - just know that you are a special person for having done this.