November 21, 2015

Stand-in Model

When our daughter went off to college and I wondered what to do when I had a new design that had to be photographed, I thought of a friend of hers that is lovely and more importantly is willing to help me out.

So, when my latest design was ready, I texted her and arranged to pick her up after school so we could have a quick modeling session.  We rummaged through my daughter's closet and found a black jacket she left here.  Then we headed outside and she totally nailed it!

This hat is called Wethersfield Slouch and is available on Ravelry - it uses one skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky.  A perfect fast easy knit!

Then I pulled out a cowl that I had been photographed wearing (not a fun shoot for me) and retook the pictures with my new lovely model.  This is Cobblestone Designs pattern called North Point Park.

I have a deal with my daughter that I pay her $5 for each pattern she models for (I know that's not much at all but it gets her in front of the camera to help me).  I told her friend I would pay her $10 for each pattern - well you should have seen the texts from my daughter when she found out - she has demanded a new contract! Cracked me up.

I have a new design almost ready to be photographed - my favorite model will be home for Thanksgiving and I hope to get a photo session in.

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Anonymous said...

I love the hat. Your stand in model did a fabulous job.