November 19, 2010

Lots of Knitting and Not a Lot of Blogging

I'm still know sometimes I wonder why I blog because I have Ravelry too as an outlet for my knitting and creativity. Then I realize I can't write on Ravelry the way I do here. So, sometimes I have a lapse in posts as I start to write one and realize I don't have anything to say.

Today, however, I have somethings to show you. First is Aidez by Cirilia Rose which I've changed the back too look more like this Aidez. It looks so small when you put it on the floor - the back looks more like a sleeve but this is very stretchy and I can put it on me with no problem. I'm using Cascade Ecological Wool and it is a fast knit. I'm almost done with the front.

Next I cast on for Big Frill using Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK (long name but lovely yarn). My sister wanted a sweater and she survived going to the yarn store and being told about weight/gauge/yardage and went from wanting $400 of cashmere to make this sweater to $130 of bamboo. I'm halfway up the back and am making it a bit longer for her.

Last is my first lace project ever - I've knit with fingering but never laceweight. Thank God for Addi Lace needles. This is Citron and I'm using Skacel Merino Lace. I keep trusting in the magic of blocking and know it will be stunning...I'm making it for my mom. I had the chance to give her that pink scarf I recently made and she loved it.


Sara said...

Aidez is seriously gorgeous! I would even consider seaming just to make it (normally seaming knocks a pattern off my list.)

Jennifer said...

Wow - look at you go! Love the sweater. Can't wait to see it finished. And that blue thingy for your sister? Wow! You're a very good sister. I am certain after the last ruffled sweater that you swore you would never commit to something like that again. You must REALLY love your sister.

: )

All the projects look fabulous.

Millie said...

This is my second attempt to send you a comment so hope this works.

You picked a real winner; the Aidez
you are copying is really attractive. It is obvious PeacockPanda spent a good bit of time blocking, finishing, etc. and it really shows. Plus the back on hers is so much nicer than the original.

Can't wait to see your finished Aidez.