November 2, 2010

A Visit from One of My Sweaters

Today my godsister and her kids came over before we went out to lunch (no school today for election day...I know, ridiculous but that's how it is). As her daughter came in I spotted something pink under her very pink coat...I asked and yes, indeed, it was the sweater I made for this summer. One of my sweaters came for a visit. So we had a modeling session...the first photo was Robin's idea...the rest are poses that Miss America suggested.

She loves the sweater, wears it a lot to the point her pre-school teachers asked for adult versions. We also learned at lunch that a hot pink sweater is great camoflage for to love a washable knit.


Beth said...

Cute photo, cute little girl, and great sweater!

Jennifer said...

Awwww - great pictures. I love it when sweaters come for a visit.