December 31, 2010

Year End Wrap Up

Wow, a whole year has gone by - this year I had 116 posts (down vs. YAG at 155). Honestly, there are times I think I don't need to blog anymore. Ravelry has dominated the knitting world for sharing and communication. Still though, my blog let's me have a ramble/rant every now and then and I guess that's good.

Last year I bemoaned the fact that my Knitmeter reset and I forgot my totals for 2009. So I saved it the other day and here's what I knit in 2010!

I also have a final FO for the year - a baby sweater for our dentist's little girl born a few weeks ago. The pattern is Summer Chills Cardigan and I made it in the 6th month size using Classic Elite Summer Set (which is on sale at Webs and only cost $13 for this sweater).

I also reviewed my goals I set last year (not New Years Resolutions as I'm not a fan of those). Here's what I had:
1. Finish Inca Marl Coat (preferably before March) - the collar is going to take forever. Done! I checked and I finished it on March 7th. The collar DID take forever and I ran out of yarn. Thanks the the wonder of Ravelry I found more in the same dyelot and a very nice lady sold me a skein. I LOVE this sweater.
2. Finish the sweater I'm designing for Miss America - it's sat alone for 2 months now. Not done but kind of done...I frogged it as it wasn't working and made a whole new sweater which she loves and wears a lot.
3. Take a class - I know I had this one on last year's list but I still need to do it. Not done again for the 2nd year in a row...I will this year! Thing is I hate committing to several weeks as it cuts into my substitute teaching times potentially. I'll have to find a one or 2 day class and go for it.
4. Learn to crochet (Kimberly if you read this I'm talking to you sister...this summer!) I'm not doing well here am I? No, Kimberly and I never pulled off the crochet class on the beach...we WILL this summer as my schedule will be much easier. I have several things I want to crochet that she's designed.
5. Knit something I've never done before - gloves? Something with a zipper? I dont' know what to say for this...I didn't make gloves or something with a zipper. However I did branch out to different weight yarns...I have never used lace or fingering weight before and did use them this year.
Well, looking at the amount of red above I guess I need to try harder with next years goals. Now, what shall they be? Hmmm...I'll save that for my first post in 2011.
Happy New Year!


Andrea said...

I'm glad that you blog. I love seeing all your finished projects!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you mean about wondering if you even need to Blog anymore. But, you share more of your life on your blog than you do on ravelry. And I love reading about your knitting and catching up on your thoughts (which are always interesting)