April 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday and an FO

The reason I've been silent for a while is we ran away for vacation. While our vacation didn't start until this week, we skipped a few days of school in order to get reasonable airfares to visit my parents in Florida - we had several days of sun and fun and relaxation and are now back to the drizzly, dreary northeast.

On the plane, I finished my Ishbel and promptly blocked it after arriving at my parents. I love it and had hoped my sister or aunt might like it but mom and I realized they'd never wear it. I'll find a person who will love it.

While sitting poolside, I worked on my Simplicity Cardigan sleeve...I remember when I made my Mountain View Cardigan I swore I'd never make a cardigan out of sock weight yarn. What was I thinking with this lace weight yarn cardigan. I know it will be light and perfect for summer IF I can get it done in time.

In the evenings and on the flight home, I worked on this cardigan for my godsister's daughter. The pattern is written in pieces but I knit it as one and did all the shaping simultaneously. I also did a provisional cast on and then knit the hem together rather than having to sew it later. I'm using Cascade 220 and scraps of leftover yarn for the flowers. Her birthday is May 1st, with a little time I might finish it or it might be a tad late as it does involve a ZIPPER!


kathy b said...

ishbel....I WOULD LOVE IT!!! you are so right about giving it to someone who would love it. I gave my mom a yellow shawl and it is never ever worn........what a waste. I adore my mom and she'd never say so....
maybe I should ask for it back to trade her for something she WOULD use. It was a mothers day gift a few years ago. !

a friend to knit with said...

perhaps someday our vero beach trips will coincide!
how fun it would be to knit a bit with you! :)
LOVE how you got so much knitting accomplished.

Beth said...

I love your beach photo! Glad you had a good time in the sun.