June 3, 2011

Back In the Saddle Again

A while back I knit a bunch of "bandanas" for my mom and sisters for an upcoming family (just our original family) to Colorado. My parents wanted to celebrate big birthdays (70 and 75) and their 50th anniversary.

The day before I left the weather forecast was for a very cold time and my mom who lives in Florida said "can't you quickly knit me a scarf?" Well, I fessed up and told her not to worry. Then we got there and it was downright hot the first day so my plans to get a group shot of bandanas disappeared (so hot I was laying by the pool after our afternoon ride).

Our last ride was a cool morning and when we headed out I was delighted to see my mom and sister, Catherine, sporting their bandanas. They live in Florida and get chilled quicker than the rest of us. Warmed my heart and warmed their necks!

Here they are sporting their cowgirl gear and a few shots of the countryside in the area. We stayed at the C Lazy U Ranch and if you are looking for a wonderful vacation, this is the place. BTW, the last shot of the huge hill/ridge is where we rode the first day - when we got to the top you could see forever and had a view of the Continental Divide.

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