April 20, 2012

It Pays To Be Prepared

So, as I posted, I was slated for Jury Duty on 4/19.  I really was bugged about the "no knitting needles" rule so I even called the 800 number and posed the question to some guy who may have thought I was off  my rocker.  I tried explaining that there are different kinds of needles and circulars are very hard to use as any sort of weapon.  No luck there.

So, I thought I'd pull out some old needlepoint to take with me then I had a lightbulb moment.  I went to the library and got out some books on learning to crochet.  I could take my few hooks, some yarn and learn and experiment.

Wednesday afternoon rolled around - 5:45 I went online to see my status and lo and behold, I didn't have to report.  A shout of joy went through the house, I was able to keep my week long sub job going and I've since returned the books to the library.  It pays to be prepared.

Speaking of being prepared, there is a teacher who I was going to cover for while she went on maternity leave at the end of May.  Her due date was May 28...her baby arrived April 18.  Guess he didn't get the memo on the due date.  Mom and baby are fine (he was a whopping 5 lbs, 15 oz at 34 weeks).  I am starting the long term sub job on Monday - yikes!  Not quite prepared for that!


Sue O said...

Congratulations on not having to serve. I too had jury duty on the 19th and came way too close to serving on a MURDER trial that is supposed to last 3 weeks! My courthouse also had the no knitting needle rule in their book but I took an already started project, took it off the needles onto a 'lifeline' and put bamboo circs in the tote. I was allowed through security with no problem at all. Our courthouse also allowed computers, cell phones in the jury pool room, etc. I was amazed.

Beth said...

So glad you didn't get called and that you were able to keep the sub job. And good luck on the next one!!!

Kristen said...

Our local courthouse is adamant about NO knitting needles, but I never thought of crochet! I fiddled and hardly knew what to do with myself! Good luck with your sub job.