August 28, 2012

When in Doubt - Post a 10 on Tuesday

This post is an easy one for me - maybe harder that I didn't get enough beach time this summer but I think it will write itself anyway.  Ten Things to Do At The Beach!

1.  Read - I read at the beach a lot...summer reading is my favorite.  I now have to wear granny glasses over my sunglasses but that doesn't stop me (yes I know you can buy bifocal sunglasses but it isn't in the budget).

2. Look for seaglass - after a nor'easter I can spend hours doing this.

3.  Swim!  Diving through waves and riding them is a family favorite.

 4.  Nap - nothing beats a nap on the beach - you get lulled by the sound of the waves and the warm sun and before you know it you're drooling all over your beach towel.

5.  Talk - best conversations are had on the beach.  Hearts are poured out, tasty tidbits are exchanged (read gossip), tales are told...all perfect.

6.  Build sandcastles - always a favorite and you need to decorate them with shells, feathers, and driftwood.

7. This is for kids - get army men and set up a battle.  Hours of this game have been played by our kids.

8.  People watching - it is de rigeur on the Jersey Shore - the tattoo factor and the bathing suit choices are amazing.

9.  Walking - not to be confused with looking for sea glass which is a MUCH slower pace.

10.  Knit!  Yes, I finally knit on the beach now...I didn't for years and now do.

LOVE this theme and can't wait til I'm next at the beach!


Beth said...

A lot of people mentioned sea glass, but I've never seen it. Do you think it's only in the NE?

Rose said...

So fun! I only knit cotton at the beach but that's how I get my washcloths made. I love sea glass too! Thanks for sharing!