August 3, 2012

The Yarn Made It Safely

No pictures, not knitting but a good yarn for you...
I carefully packed up my yarn in a large box and marked it and put a note on it that it should go to the office and not the basement where I asked the knitting books and other knitting stuff to go.  I mentioned to my DH that I was worried about my yarn going on the moving van and he gave me this look like I was crazy - a look I saw quite a bit when the moving guys were unpacking the truck.
The van arrived on Wednesday morning and the entire day was spent directing 4 guys where things were to go and solving problems like which rug pad went with which rug (they didn't label the rug pads but did label the rugs).  On occasion I'd visit the stacks of boxes in the basement and around the house checking for my yarn.  I then mentioned to one of the movers who was this nice college kid that I still hadn't seen my box of yarn (eyebrows up and a response of "yarn?").  The truck was almost empty and no yarn...I wasn't frantic but I was concerned as all the other boxes of knitting stuff had made it off the truck.
At this point my kids were asking what would happen if my yarn was lost - perish the thought.  I told them the moving company would replace the yarn (and then I mentally tried to think of what was in the box).  The kids know I have one skein of Qiviuk and they know it is cherished and expensive to replace.  They suggested if I have to replace my yarn it should be all Qiviuk and then started wondering  exactly how one gets the underbelly hair of a glad I could amuse 2 teenagers on moving day.
Then just as I was getting more worried and mentally setting up an order at Webs, the yarn walked in the house.  My joy was great and the look on the college kid's face was priceless.  It is now in the office right near me and waiting to be will have to wait as I think clothes, dishes, glassware, etc are a little more important.
Oh, I finished my Perry sweater - it just needs buttons...that will be my next post I think.


Rose said...

Congratulations and best wishes!

Beth said...

I think I would have felt a little sick until the yarn box came in!