August 17, 2009

Words Don't Do It Justice

When my friend Kimberly went to the CGOA meetings in Buffalo, I asked that she pick up some little fiber treat for me. She gladly agreed knowing how wonderful it is to share fiber.

Upon her return she asked asked me to close my eyes and put the softest little ball of yarn in my hands. I kept my eyes closed and stroked it and smelled it (yes I smell yarn). When I opened my eyes this was what rest in my hands - Qiviuk.

I had never heard of Qiviuk before. It comes from the underbelly of the Canadian Arctic Muskox. Who would have thought something that looks like this could create something so sinfully soft and luxurious.

This is a better representation of the color. When Kimberly gave me this ball of delight I was inside and when I took it outside on my way home she heard a whole new squeal of happiness at the color and it's beauty. Photos don't do it justice either.

So what does one do with a cherished object? Put it on the mantle of course. It has sat there for days and I often walk over and pick it up and savor its softness.

Now the question is...what to make with it. It has to be perfect. Thank you Kimberly! What a special treat from a special friend.


Patt said...

Hi, I am delurking to tell you to look in Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders 101 Small Indulgences, that yarn is actually in there. Enjoy! And BTW, you make such beautiful things, you have inspired me often.

Estella said...

Thank you for delurking and what a great idea to check out that book. Thank you also for your kind words...Estella

Jennifer said...

OMG - she really adores you to give you a gift like that. I think the mantle is the perfect place for some Quiviuk.

Krista said...

What Jennifer said...that's quite a nice gift! I think Interweave Knits had an issue with a scarf made of it.