August 2, 2009

Not the Best with Shorts and a T-Shirt

Here it is - un-blocked and un-buttoned. It doesn't look that great with a pair of shorts on but I was not going to put on a pair of pants in the heat of the day. I quickly took the sweater off right after the photos were taken - it is a VERY warm sweater.

Presenting my Tilted Duster - used the recommended Peruvia and even had some yarn leftover. When I got to the skirt and the collar I ended up casting on the number of stitches for the next size down...just how it fit better than the recommended stitches for the size I was making.

I'm looking forward to this being a staple in my wardrobe.


Abigail said...

Oh, very nice even when you were baking in it:D

Tanya said...