August 1, 2009

Doesn't It Drive You Crazy

When you start a new project, join it in the round, start to get the pattern established with a twisted rib and THEN you realize 75 stitches back you did two knit stitches in a row instead of a K1P1? Tinking doesn't work as you lose the loose frog I did...186 stitches.

Sometimes I get so disgusted I have to walk away...writing about it helps a bit. Time to pull up my socks and cast-on again.

P.S. Finished my Tilted Duster...will get Miss America to take a picture later but be forewarned it will be unblocked and unbottoned.


Anonymous said...

But once you get it all done, the tinking will be a thing of the past. I am still amazed at how much work I can put into something, frog it, and then not even remember how much work went into it in the first place! Can't wait to see the new FOs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is me, Krista, BTW.