February 21, 2014

Not Your Average Slouch

I've been working part-time at my LYS, Iron Horse, in Natick, MA.  The owner, Debbie, also has her own line of yarns which she hand-dyes (and they come from her sheep!).  A few weeks ago, Debbie asked if I'd be interested in writing up some patterns for her yarn - and of course my response was yes.

She gave me 2 skeins of her new sport weight super wash merino/cashmere/nylon blend.  The colors got me all excited and I couldn't wait to knit with them.  I realized why I liked the colors when I photographed it in progress - they match our sofa!

Debbie was looking for a few items for her patterns including a slouchy hat.  I found a wonderful stitch pattern that creates a bouncy, soft, stretchy texture that works divinely with her yarn.  My "in house model" is out of town for vacation but when she returns, I'll be having a photo session with her.

Here's a not so great photo but it will give you an idea...we've named it "Not Your Average Slouch".  This yarn and this texture makes it anything but average!

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