February 19, 2014

Weight Off My Shoulders

My godfather's sweater was looming large over me - his daughter called and invited me to his 80th birthday celebration.  I had 3 weeks to crank out most of the sleeves, seam it and knit up a turtleneck. The pressure was great and most of it was self-induced.  It was my own fault I let this languish for so long (started on July 30th).

I am happy to report I did it!  What a weight off my shoulders.  Here are some blurry photos - one of my DH modeling it and then of the presentation of the sweater at the birthday party.

1 comment:

Cathy G. said...

Congratulations, Estella! I wondered how you would pull off this mini miracle when we last knit together, but complete it you did. What a very meaningful gift for your godfather. Hurray!

~Cathy G.