December 27, 2014

A Little Experiment

I've always wondered how patterns got into the "hot right now" section of patterns on Ravelry.  I noticed a lot of them are when well known designers release a new book - makes sense.  I also noticed that many are free.

I had just finished a new mitten pattern called Boxing Day Mittens (another story on another day about the pattern and the naming) and decided for one week I'd make them be free.  I figured it was a nice holiday thing to do and I also wanted to have a little experiment.

Here's my learning - free is what works.  It has been less than 24 hours since I released the pattern (it went up 12/26 around 9:15 am) that time it has been downloaded over 570 times.  A level set here - my other free pattern of mini Santa hats has been downloaded over 900 times and it has been on Ravelry since October 2013.  People started buzzing about it too - it's turned up in 7 forums as something to go after and I've received so many nice comments and thanks.

I started checking out the "hot right now" late  yesterday afternoon and took great glee when I saw my mittens on page 2!  Then I saw them moving up on page 2 and by evening, they had moved to page 1!  Made my day, confirmed my experiment and got a fun pattern into a lot of hands.

Page 1!!!!

When I woke this morning they were at hour later they are at #8!  I love this and I love that people love my pattern!

Page 1 and as they would say in the newspaper business - above the fold!

If you haven't seen the pattern, check it out, add it to your queue, download it before it stops being free.  Let's see if we can move it to the top 5?!

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Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

I just downloaded your Boxing Day Mittens pattern. I just wanted to say Thank You and how nice of you to put it on for free.

I've always wanted to try making mittens. I used to watch my Mom make them and I would get so dizzy watching her go round and round. I have wonderful memories of her making and selling her mittens. I'll share memories with you. My Mom would knit double knit mittens with beautiful patterns on the backs every year but only from Labor Day till Christmas Eve and that's how she got money for our birthday presents. Every year from New Year's Day, after dinner and the tree was down, until Easter Eve she would design, crochet and knit afghans, sold them and that's how she paid for our Christmas presents.

I'd like to thank you again for the pattern and look forward to trying to knit mittens. Happy New Year!