January 29, 2015

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Our son has finally acquiesced and allowed me to knit him a sweater.  He came to the LYS when they had their year end sale and picked out Berroco Vintage as he loves his blanket made with the same yarn.  He then selected Hugo by Veronik Avery after I showed him other versions with a crew neck.

I must say I love this pattern - I have it memorized and have been plugging away at it thanks to a snowstorm!

Now the question is will I have it done by February 8th - no pressure but we will be seeing our son for his birthday (the 10th) that day.  Wouldn't it be amazing if I could have it done by then?  No pressure.

I know it looks tiny but I know from the blanket it will block beautifully.

1 comment:

Eileen said...

It's a lovely color and pattern - your son has good taste. Now the question is, will he allow you to take a photo of him in it?