January 18, 2015

It Finally Has A Name

Thank you to those who put in names - I also put it on a group I'm in on Ravelry and they threw their hats into the ring (pardon the pun).  Sadly, most of the names have been taken.  I always search names on Ravelry as it can cause problems if two patterns have the same name.  I learned this with my Boxing Day Mittens which I had originally planned on calling Merry Mittens.  There are other Merry Mittens - it turned out okay as I prefer Boxing Day Mittens after all

So, when in doubt I go to Italian words - the Italian word for hat is "cappello".  So this hat is called Cappello.  It uses one skein of Berroco Inca Tweed and has a broken slipped stitch pattern that flows from the ribbing - it has a bit of slouch and it is very warm.

This pattern has been ready for weeks - it just needed a name and a decent photo shoot with my "model" who was not happy reshooting a few times (the Boxing Day Mittens were also part of the reshoot).

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