May 9, 2015

Learning Curve Continues

A few weeks ago I warped my loom for another set of placemats.  The previous 2 sets had me learning the hemstitch and working on keeping my edges even.

This set had some learnings too...I had suspected in my first set of placemats with the Pasa Yarns that I might have the wrong heddle.  While my lingo isn't up to speed by any means (and I could work on that by doing some reading), the heddle that came with the loom was a 7.5 dpi.  This heddle is perfect for worsted weight yarns and I'm sure the yarn I'm using is finer than that.  So, one day I'll get a 10 dpi heddle which will perhaps make a more uniform weave with this yarn.

That being said - I also learned how to put in more striping and the effects they make on the woven pattern.  It takes a bit longer to warp the loom with stripes but I love how it looks.

I am debating on keeping these or putting them for sale in my LYS which has a co-op where artisans can sell items (I have sold lots of my hand knits but none of my weaving to date).

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Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

I think you should keep at least one set you make for yourself.