May 20, 2015

Scarves Everywhere!

While photographing my knitting and weaving I realized that I'm on a bit of a scarf kick right now.

I just finished weaving a scarf using Berroco Folio for the warp and Tahki Ritratto for the weft.  The Ritratto has a bit of shine to it and I had two different color skeins which I alternated every pass so they worked together well.

I love how the hem stitch creates a fine edge for the fringe.

No sooner than this was off the loom and soaking in Eucalan, I was rummaging through my stash and working on color combinations.  If found some lace weight yarn (I don't know what I made with it) and warped the loom with it held double.  Then I found some Auraucania Itata Multy which I used to make Stephen West's Pogona.  I think this will look great when it is done.

I am still learning how to keep my edges consistent and I also know with such a loose, drapey weave that there has to be a way to keep things from shifting around when I roll it up - see how the fabric looks pulled in some areas.  I know when I wash it things will get better.

Turning to my knitting now - we got a new yarn into the store called Tahiti.  It is a fingering weight cotton with wonderful gradient color ways.  It also is very reasonably priced for around $10 for just over 300 yards.  Churchmouse Yarns adapted their Bias Before and After Scarf for this yarn.  Debbie (LYS owner for those of you who don't read my blog regularly) cast on one in a blue that moves to a hot pink - gorgeous.  I was looking at a softer blue that went into a softer red/pink and then decided I needed something with more pow.  I love this! 

I am already into my second skein.  The original pattern has the option of putting beads on the bind off edges - I'm debating still on that.  This is a light, airy scarf and I just don't know if beads will work or not - they would be clear ones if I do go with them.


Eileen said...

I love the new wool with the blues into green and back again. Very pretty. I bet this would make a lovely shawl too!

Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

I've missed your blog. The pieces you are working on now are just beautiful. Nice work.