June 2, 2015

Where Did May Go?

It is strange how some months fly by and others drag on and on.  For me, February is the longest month.  May seems to be the shortest.  This is the time of year with a flurry of activities - Memorial Day weekend, school stuff and for our family, high school graduation this coming weekend.

Of course the knitting and weaving continues - not a lot to show here but I did finish another scarf on my loom.

I warped it the same day I finished the scarf for another set of placemats using a 10dpi heddle.  I think I should have stuck with the 7.5 one but it is all part of the learning curve.

I'm working on a new design - this one is going to take a bit of time to knit as it is lace weight yarn but I'm holding it double.  Bad photo but just a hint so you can see.

After a few weeks of unseasonably warm weather, we have a few unseasonable cold days (45 degrees this morning).  So glad I can break out one of my spring sweaters that I didn't get many chances to wear this year.

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Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Lovely Scarf. Can't wait to see your "blue" design.