June 22, 2015

"Mom, You're Taking Over The House!"

Two weeks ago I decided to warp my loom again for a set of 6 placemats.  To do this I had to set up the kitchen table so that the warp ran through a doorway to the warping peg on the kitchen counter.  Our kitchen is set up so you can walk directly into the family room and this path was disrupted by my warping efforts.

When my daughter wanted to go into the family room from the kitchen she said "Mom, you are taking over the house!"  My response was to deal with it and if she needed to go into the family room she could do the limbo under my warp.

I've gotten to the point if it is a solid color warp I can bang it out much quicker than I did the very first time I warped so my "taking over the house" didn't last too long.

For this set of placemats I focused on the stitch pattern I loved in my last set of placemats.

I decided to make the whole mat out of this texture.  I also learned that the edging wasn't as neat as I would like so I made sure I had an edge stitch worth of warping on either side.  It was an "up down" pick up so I did "down up" ending with a "down" that way the edge was consistent.

I chose two shades of blue and realized halfway through they would look fantastic in my friend's kitchen at the Jersey Shore.  She is definitely weave-worthy and so they will head her way over 4th of July weekend.  


Eileen said...

I don't understand the weaving terminology, but the results are beautiful.

What I do understand is your daughter's comment. When I was a teenager, my mother quilted continuously. Her quilting took up much of our living room. To watch television, one had to either lay on the floor under the quilt or lay the recliner are far back as it went, twist one's head to get a proper view. One year she made 13 quilts, I don't any of us ever sat on the couch that year!

Geri said...

Estella your exploration in weaving has resulted in so many beautiful projects. You make me long for a loom!