June 3, 2015


After finishing my scarf, I immediately re-warped my loom for another set of placemats.  I consulted with a book on weaving how to use a pick up stick and work it to create texture.  Again I had a huge learning curve with this experience and am already planning the next set.

I used a 10 dpi heddle which I was worried was creating too open a we've.  Then after taking it off the loom and washing it, the fabric compacted nicely.

The one on the left is the "right" side but I decided I prefer the wrong side pattern.

I am envisioning a placemat of just this fabric and think I will reverse the colors so the background is white and the weft is green.  I also have two shades of blue which could work too.

Our daughter graduates this weekend and my mother in law arrives on Saturday - weaving will have to wait as we will need the kitchen table (my weaving spot) for the next few days.


Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

I would assume a "pick up" stick would well. Possibly a chopstick, too. There are really firm ones on the market. Might also try a narrow screwdriver. Sounds weird, I know, but one works great with my twining, especially when I have to push the warps and wefts tightly - better than breaking a nail!

Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Forgot to say "Congratulations" to the graduate and her family.

P.S.: Thanks for the Boxing Day Mitten pattern.