June 25, 2015

Knitting News Website

When I take my morning walk, I have podcasts on my iPod and I listen to them and think and design patterns in my head and sometimes even learn things.

Yesterday's walk was spent listening to Yarn Thing podcast with Marlybird.  I listen to this quite a bit as it comes out twice a week and I love the contests she offers at the end.  The episode I was listening to was with Cathy Carron and Carolyn Noyes.  They have started a knitting news website called KnitCliks.

Sometimes when I'm walking I wish I had an iPhone as I would have been clicking onto the site immediately but I had to wait til I got back home (maybe it is a good thing as I walk faster when I want to get home to explore what I've listened to and learned about).

The website has an option for a newsletter - yup, sign me up.  It had a series of short articles with hyperlinks - some of the headings are "Knitters In The Know", "Fashion Flash", "This Just In", and "Free Pattern Find".

I found a cool cast on technique in yesterday's issue and went online to find it today and it wasn't there as the website had already been updated.  So, I emailed Carolyn and asked for the link to the cast on technique and half expected to hear from her in a few days.  No, within the hour I had my answer and an explanation that she hopes to archive previous "issues".

So, check it out - well worth  your time!

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