July 1, 2015

Got To Love A Shout Out

A few weeks ago I got a Ravelry message from Tonia Berry speaking on behalf of Classic Elite Yarns.  They have a weekly newsletter and every now and then they highlight indie designers who use their yarns.  She had noticed my Just One More Scarf pattern which uses Classic Elite Bella Lino and asked if she could include it in the newsletter.

I'm sure you can imagine how quickly I said yes.  Well, I waited and waited and then yesterday afternoon I opened my gmail and found this!

That photo on the right is my design!  There it was - issue 401 of their newsletter with my scarf in it.  Made my day!  Isn't it nice when you get a shout out?

I have a few more designs going on - photo shoot this weekend with releases happening soon.  Stay tuned!

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Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

How nice for you! It's nice to be appreciated!