July 8, 2015

Not A Stitch

This past 4th of July weekend, we drove to NJ very early Thursday morning.  As usual, I find this to be excellent knitting time of 4 1/2 hours in the car.  I worked on my Custom Fit Cushing Isle cardigan which has been in a bit of hibernation.

Upon our arrival, all knitting stopped.  Seriously, it hit me on Sunday afternoon I did not knit a single stitch all weekend.  Anyone who knows me would think something was drastically wrong.

What did I do?  I hit the beach and I read.  I read A LOT!  About a book a day.  Nothing worth reporting on as they were trashy beach reads.  I have to admit it felt great.  Knitting has cut into my reading (even though I can knit and read) and it was good to just read and read.

We got back in the car Monday morning and thanks to my DH for driving so I could resume what I do best and most - KNIT.  I am almost done with the fronts of my cardigan and then onto the sleeves.

The other thing that did not happen last weekend was my model had a friend down for the weekend.  I have two designs waiting to release and they are in limbo as we never had a photo shoot on the beach.  I think a field trip into Boston tomorrow will get them all done.

My happy place to read when I'm not on the beach.  Comfy chair, glass of wine and a good book.

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Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Good for you. We all need (and deserve) down time, rest time.