July 7, 2010

Tonight's The Night

As most of you know, I have a summer Stitch 'n Bitch group which I so greatly enjoy. It is a mixed group of people with varied projects from needlepoint to crewel to knitting to crochet. A few people have progressed from beginner knitters needing Kimberly and my help to accomplished knitters with detailed projects.

I sent out the call to knit early this week and then had to rescind it as we do not have air conditioning in our house. Holding fiber right now is difficult at best but without air conditioning is almost impossible.

Fortunately, a new member offered her air conditioned house! So, tonight is the night we get back into summer S&B and I can't wait! Now, what project to bring? Cardigan for a baby, cardigan for me or cast on something new???

I'll let you know what I decide.


Andrea said...

I love summer SnB groups. They feel so much more festive!

Beth said...

Fun! Our prayer shawl group met last night and the room was really warm. It was no fun holding that prayer shawl on my lap even though it was a cotton blend. :)

Sara said...

Gah! I hope you get some AC soon!

Jennifer said...

Yeah! How fun to have your summer knitting group back. That sounds like a fun part of your summer getaway.

Eryka Jackson said...

Congrats on getting things back on track. AC can be a tricky thing!