July 24, 2010

What to do when it is too hot?

Yesterday afternoon as I was watching our son get slaughtered in a tennis match I had my knitting in hand (just like baseball I knit during tennis matches too). I'm working on my Christina Sweater in Cascade 220 in a gorgeous colorway called Pacific.

There was a breeze and some cloud cover and I was fine - then the sun popped through and it suddenly got very hot. I put down my knitting and said something I rarely say "It is too hot to knit".

This summer is one of record heat - today is going to be a scorcher. We don't have air conditioning - just ceiling fans. It is really hard to hold fiber in the heat...what is one to do? I want to knit, I enjoy the rhythm and ability to multitask...no idle hands.

I'm afraid today will be a no knit day - hard for me but I don't want to resent my lovely wool. What do you do when it is hot and you want to knit???


Sara said...

I cannot fathom not having AC. I'm a wimp. It's true.

Andrea said...

I don't have any real suggestions for you except maybe try knitting with bamboo or something that is cooler than wool. I used to only crochet afghans and summer was definitely a no crochet time!

Thea said...

Booze and ice cubes! But you may have already guessed that one :-)

Beth said...

No AC? I think I'd just lie on the floor under the ceiling fan and wait for fall. :(