August 4, 2010

No I Haven't Fallen Off the Face of The Earth

I am still here...I'm still knitting...I just haven't been blogging. I've had a rough couple of weeks due to a volunteer job I do during the summer. I coordinate the tennis program for a small club we belong to and there was a situation where we had to let a tennis pro go and I ended up in a firestorm. It really sapped a lot out of me...I couldn't smile, I couldn't be a good mom, I couldn't even knit happily for a few days. It was bad but the dust has settled and I'm slowly getting back to myself.

I have been knitting a lot on my Mondo Cable Cardigan and my Christina Sweater - I'm on the second sleeve on both so there is little to show.

In the meantime, the new Twist Collective is out and it ROCKS! There is so much in there I want to knit.

Metro by Connie Chang Chinchio

My favorite - Issara by Anne Kuo Lukito

Acorns by Carol Sunday


Thea said...

Ugh! When stuff like that happens, it sucks. But yes, there was enough in that twist to make you smile again....

Beth said...

I'm sorry you had to deal with that sticky situation. I can understand how you'd have no energy left for anything else.

Love that Acorn sweater from the new Twist!

Jennifer said...

Sorry about the tennis situation. That could not have been fun. Hope you got through it OK. On a positive note, all those sweater are amazing. That jacket with the big collar has your name written all over it.