August 27, 2010

Three Days of Rain

A three day nor'easter lets lots of things supply shopping, clothes shopping, watching movies, and of course, knitting!

I whipped this Shalom Cardigan up for Miss America in 3 short days. Okay I admit I made it prior to the storm and just sewed the button on during the storm - I really made a pair of felted clogs and cast on for two new projects.

After the nor'easter I realized that there might be sea glass at the beach and indeed there's the haul which includes 2 very rare pieces - red and orange. Yesterday Miss America even found yellow!


Andrea said...

Very cute cardigan!

Beth said...

Cute cardigan! And I love that sea glass. I saw a project on Ravelry where someone had used a sea glass button on a bag. I wonder how hard it would be to drill holes in the glass?

Anonymous said...

I collect sea glass too! I have been very lucky to find a piece of red from a tail light and a large piece of lavender, which is two sides and the bottom of a rectangular bottle.

a friend to knit with said...

seriously cute cardigan!!!!

and wow. yes. that was one lucky hunt. i love to spot the blue. but a red. or green. or a yellow! that would be and AWESOME find!

Karen said...

Sea glass drilling is all in the bit. I have never tried it, but I hear that something akin to a diamond bit or a dentist drill (can you say "ow"?) will work. Word of caution from the "pros" - do not attempt on any piece you would be devastated to lose.