August 21, 2010


After my last post, Beth commented on my urge to cast on a new project - "castonitis" and wondered why we don't get "finish-itis". Considering this project was waiting for buttons and I had them and was too lazy to sew them on, I took Beth's musings to heart.

Here is my Mondo Cable Cardigan FINISHED with buttons. I got these at JoAnn Fabrics and really think they go well and add a bit of interest. I looked at silver, wood, horn, matching dark plum and ended up with these funky ones.

Here's how it looks on - love wearing wool with shorts and a t-shirt.

I did however give into castonitis and started and finished a Shalom Cardigan for Miss America. It's blocking now and after we get a fun button I'll show you pictures. It was a fun, fast, mindless knit.

Now, back to my finish-itis - have two sweaters almost done and need to finish them.


Beth said...

Your sweater looks great! It will be so nice to wear when the weather finally cools down.

I'm trying to give myself finish-itis, too. :) I'm challenging myself to finish a prayers shawl before I do anything else. I set the goal of working on it Tuesday and Friday evenings and now I'm almost done! :)

Andrea said...

This cardigan sure looks comfy! And the color is really pretty.

Sara said...

Looks great!

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

That looks perfect and I love your button choice.

a friend to knit with said...

oh! i do love this... i can SO see this on those first crisp autumn mornings...
but yes... i do throw my slouchy on with a pair of shorts and a t. and i love that, too! :)